Yes I know your wedding day is a BFD (big f*cking deal) and is a huge part of you and your partners love story. 

You want something close to perfection, even though you know perfection is a construct, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you still want it. 

Part of that perfection leads into finding the perfect dress, making sure your vendors are on point, and finding the best caterer around. And then part of it leads into fad diets, over exercising and just feeling STRESSED. 

Being so stressed about fitting into that dress you ordered two sizes too small, or just from being so hungry because you’ve been starving yourself. 

But I’m here to put an end to that BS. Having an amazing wedding day, while looking AND feeling your best doesn’t have to come from a struggle, in fact it shouldn’t 

Why?? Because, it’s literally a party.

And hey, I’m not trying to take away from the importance of a wedding. But in reality, it’s an 8 hour party that’s celebrating you starting a new chapter of your life with your partner. It’s really easy to get caught up in the Pinterest boards, wedding shows, and just the fantasy of finally marrying the love of your life. 

Dreaming, fantasizing, and having ideas are all great, and healthy. 

But what’s not healthy, and not sustainable, and not going to promote a healthy marriage, is approaching your wedding day as the be all and end all of happiness. That if for some reason, your wedding didn’t turn out 1000% the way you expected, you’ll feel like you were robbed of this perfect day. 

Over 70% of brides want to lose weight for their wedding.

Their wedding!!!!

Not even for their marriage, or just overall health. Or to feel better.

But for that 8 hour party, that we were talking about. 

As a Nutritionist, I support healthy, sustainable weight-loss for health reasons, whether that be physical or mental. And that’s also approached with moderation, and flexibility.

I don’t support fad diets and “quick fix” solutions. 

That’s why I believe you DON’T need to lose weight just for your wedding. You can want to lose weight, if you believe you’ll feel healthier or happier about yourself.  But, be careful to make sure it’s NOT because you think you have to.

Instead you can focus on attainable, realistic goals that aren’t going to send you into a stress spiral. Things like getting stronger, sleeping better, improving your mood, building a booty, etc. 

You get the idea!

So the next time someone asks if you’re on a “special wedding diet”  you can feel confident when you say NO. 

Because you know diets don’t work, sustainable lifestyle choices do. 

And your lifestyle can be one where you enjoy eating, move your body because it makes you feel good, and enjoy the process of wedding planning. 

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