Spring meal prep workshop Sunday march 28th 2021 3-5pm EST

Do you need new meal ideas that actually taste good?

Are you tired of throwing food out at the end of the week?

Do you want to meal prep, but have no idea how to do it?


Join me live for an interactive virtual cooking class series that sets you up for the week with yummy, healthy, meals.

Save time, money and energy by using my grocery lists, recipes and cooking tips. 

Dive into Spring with light recipes made with more fresh ingredients. Get excited for warmer weather AND save yourself time throughout the week by taking prepping 5 days worth of food in just under 2 hours. 

After Class You’ll feel motivated and excited to get back into the kitchen again!

When you sign up you’ll receive an email to download your cooking class package including an itemized grocery and appliance list, recipes with beautiful pictures and cooking notes. You’ll also get the cooking class recording sent to you, to rewatch over the next week or do on your own time if you can’t join live. 

What you’ll learn

  • Basic knife skills + safe food storage practices
  • How prepare healthy, budget friendly meals in 2 hours or less
  • A repertoire of recipes ready for when you need meal inspiration.
  • Ways to incorporate more plant based ingredients into your meals. 
  • Subsitutions and variations to meet your/your families dietary needs. 

Inside your Cooking Class Bundle

  • 5 day Spring Meal Plan 
  • Recipes with substitutions and cooking notes
  • Itemized grocery and shopping list
  • Access to the class replay for 7 days
  • Bonus gift from me 

On the Menu 

  • Berry Baked oatmeal
  • Asparagus, cucumber + feta salad
  • Butter chicken 
  • Cheesy* edamame & parsley pasta
  • Honey Sesame Chicken with Peas + Quinoa
  • Post workout green smoothie

*all recipes come with subsitutions and options for dairy-free, plant based and gluten free dietary needs. 


What past attendees have said 

“Devans energy is so contagious you’ll be surprised how energized you feel after making food for two hours”

“Very helpful and inspiring!”

“The recipes are BOMB”

“ I didn’t want to be on a diet, and these recipes make it easy to eat well without thinking about it”