the process




 1. doing the process to get back to yourself.

2. Re-architecturing your life, so you can show up for yourself.

3. Build resiliency + confidence, while finding ease + joy.

3. Usually accompanied by the 30 by 5 mindset.


30 day Challenge

Creating resiliency + Building Habits

30 days from now you can feel stronger, softer, and like you have (some of) it together

Build confidence + trust in yourself again

its time to put YOU first

// weekly yoga classes \\

// curated meal plans \\

// weekly workshops \\


Registration Opens August 2021

Copy of Beige Minimalist Roadmap Infographic Instagram Story

its time to put yourself first.

after a busy summer of extroverting + socializing,
you might not be feeling like yourself

we’ll take charge of our self-care over the next 30 days,

so you can develop healthy, sustainable habits to take you onto the next chapter of your life.