the well bride

Helping you feel healthy, beautiful and confident on your wedding day & beyond.

Your bridal bff

I’m here to be the bridal bestie you didn’t know you needed.


Receive personal, 1:1 support from me throughout the 90 days we have together, with extra support, like a best friend..


I’m here to help you take the decision fatigue out of nutrition, exercise and wellness, so you can focus on what really matters – your wedding day.


» 1 – 60 minute assessment call. Lets get super clear on your goals, how you see yourself on your wedding day, and how I can help you get there.



» A CUSTOM 3 month meal plan, grocery lists and recipe guides, based on your goals, (delivered monthly after our call). 
» 6 x 30 minute follow-up calls, to keep you accountable and give you space to vent about your wedding-related stress.

» Unlimited email access to me throughout our time together.


Your commitment

12 weeks  
An open mind  
Willingness to learn  
$1,197 CAD 

you can feel sexy + confident on your honey moon, without dieting or restricting.

// Bonus gifts //

Wedding Week Support

one week meal plan and lifestyle recommendations for the week leading up to your wedding.

When you purchase the program you’ll have access to the module, and to me via email that entire week.

Relationship Resources
books, podcasts & other tips to have you and your partner focused on what matters – the love you feel for each other. 

After the wedding
1 week meal plan, grocery list  and workouts you can customize to meet your needs as a married woman. Mix and match meals, easy ideas for meals, recipe links, and one week of yoga & body weight workout videos.

Love from past brides

Devan has been such a huge help in staying sane during the wedding planning process. the recipes are actually so good, and i’m finding the 30 minute classes fit in nicely with my work schedule. but my favourite part has to be our check-in calls. I appreciate that we can talk about my food questions, but also devan makes a great sounding-board to talk out my wedding stress. talking to someone who actually cares about the vendor mishaps and floral decisions is truly a relief.

– Wendy S. 

You kept me going through the dark stages of the pandemic while trying to plan a wedding, and everything that comes with that. i appreciate that you were always there to motivate me, or just listen while i vent. my fiance has mentioned how much less stressed out i seem, and we’ve both started to enjoy the wedding planning process now. devan is literally a best friend thats focused on you and your wedding- which is what i needed.

– Ashley m. 


» Do i have to be engaged to go through the Well Bride program? Or even be a bride?

→No! This program is designed for anyone who wants to really focus in on their health and wellness, and make lasting changes.


» How could I make time for another thing while I’m already so busy planning my wedding?
→ We will only use up 10 hours a week max for meal prep, workouts, incorporating things that are already in your schedule.


» Will this take away from my wedding planning time?
→  Not at all, when you have a routine and set plan, you save so much time in the long run.


»  How can I afford this while already paying for wedding expenses?
→  There are payment plans available, and you won’t need a gym membership! But the investment you put into yourself will last a lifetime.


»  How can you actually help me? I know how to eat healthy and exercise. 
→ I’m here to give you a simple roadmap to success, and be your cheerleader when you need it. Accountability is the missing piece to getting sh*t done!

»  How do I know if were the right fit?
→  You can schedule a discovery call before deciding! We’ll go over your health and wellness goals, and I’ll give you actionable steps to take action TODAY!

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