Let's Talk Yoga

Yoga doesn’t mean just stretching or flexibility, or saying om (although sometimes we do those things, hehe..)

My fitness background incorporates dance, swimming, body weight exercises, barre & a few different types of Yoga (flow/vinyasa, power, yin, meditation & more!) 

If you think you’re not a yoga person, trust me – we can find variations of yoga style movements that will actually help your functional fitness, and with classes you’ll actually enjoy! 

Move your body & feel GOOD!


Yoga for every lifestyle

Yoga Pose Assessment

60 min In-person* or via Skype session.

♥ Let me assess your poses as we discuss how you feel in them.

♥ I’ll provide suggestions for modifications for safety, and to help you improve or deepen your practice.

♥ Get that one-on-one attention from a yoga teacher that you’ve been craving in class.

♥  Feel free to come ready with questions about any issues or injuries you may be experiencing and are working to remedy.


Skype Yoga Classes

Private or semi-Private Sessions

♥ Starting any new fitness routine can be nerve-wracking, same with coming back from an injury, or even if you just feel self-conscious.

Skype yoga is a perfect way to get started without actually having to leave your house!

♥ Get personalized attention & classes customized to you, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

♥Sessions booked like workouts/appointments. Giving you accountability to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Private: $50 for 60mins
Semi- Private (up to 4 people): $65 for 60mins

Specialty events

♥  Bachelorette, Morning-of Wedding, Birthdays, Corporate Events etc..

♥  Zen out wherever you want!

Adding a yoga, barre or meditation class at your event is a sure fire way to leave your guests feeling better than when they arrived.

♥  All classes come with a meditation and essential oil massage.

Contact for prices

Contact me for more info or to book your discovery call! We’ll go over your fitness goals and set out a plan to get you there, leaving you with actionable steps to start TODAY!

Looking for more? Add a nutrition or bridal wellness package to complete that blissed out yoga feeling.